Ready. Aim. Fire.
(In that order)

It’s remarkable how many businesses go to market without adequate planning and forethought.

We take a disciplined approach that starts with listening closely to our Clients.

We do our best work when we have solid information about our Client’s markets, their competition, recent trends, past spending. We prefer to work from a marketing plan with clearly established objectives. We can develop a plan for (or with) you, or work from a plan provided by your marketing staff. Or we can work from objectives and strategies on a project-by-project basis.

In the long run, marketing shouldn’t COST money---it should MAKE money.

We strongly believe that marketing is an investment that must return more than it costs. Otherwise, there’s no reason to bother. We try to help our Clients evaluate and select marketing opportunities and methods that will deliver the fastest and most dramatic return on their investment.

The listening starts here

We’re the’re the teacher. We ask new clients to start by completing the attached “Needs Assessment”. People tell us that going through this exercise gives them needed perspective and focus. And it gives us the information we need to get started.

Creative Strategy 101

Here’s the first rule of marketing: For every project, decide who you want to talk to….and what you want to say BEFORE you open your mouth to speak. Completing the attached creative strategy brief will put you (and us) on the right track.