Take this simple test:

Imagine that you ARE your company’s advertising. You find yourself in the living room of your prospective customer. The customer has the magical power to make you disappear in an instant. Will you connect with your customer before he vaporizes you? Or will you be invited to stay?

If you don’t want to differentiate your brand, we can recommend another ad agency

Tenth Planet is a full service advertising agency. We are looking for a few good clients who are ready to explore new worlds. We recognize that the best way to showcase our own talents is by showcasing products and services for a select list of clients who won’t settle for ordinary. We firmly believe that our clients’ advertising should do more than distribute information. It should penetrate minds, create bonds, fan desires.

If this philosophy strikes a chord, we hope you will take a look at the work displayed in our portfolio. You’ll find that variety is our hallmark. Every client is unique, and we simply do not offer “cookie cutter” solutions.

Synergy at the Top

Agency owner, Pat Victory and creative director Skip Johnston are seasoned agency pros who share a common goal---to create advertising that’s incisive enough to open closed minds.

Pat Victory cut his teeth in the big Midwest agencies before moving south to join Henderson Advertising in the mid-eighties. He broke off on his own in 1991 and has been running the show ever since. Pat handles brand strategy development, logistical planning, copywriting (or supervision of same), budget control, production scheduling and project administration.

Skip Johnston is a Los Angeles designer with bigtime experience on clients of all shapes and sizes. He personally handles or supervises the graphic design and creative coordination of all projects within the Agency. He is a versatile designer whose work is always fresh and inviting. Skip’s creative work speaks for itself. We’d like to let it speak for you too.

Pat, Skip, our staff and a cadre of independent writers, photographers, illustrators, videographers and web programmers stand ready to help move your company or brand into the spotlight.